Brooke Schneider featured in the September 2016 issue of Coast Magazine!

Brooke Schneiders Santa Ana–based Source Recruiting + Design Inc., was incorporated in 1999 and is both a residential interior design business and a recruiter for the interior design and architecture industries. Schneider enjoys both sides of his business because the thread between them is “people.” Recruiting, he says, “is about finding the right candidates for the right company—we are like matchmakers. With interior design, it is all about the client and finding the right selections to make it the right match for them, too.”

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How to set new employees up to succeed!

It's always a challenge to find the time to get new employees set up when they join your team. We all get busy, and it's common to overlook the importance of a proper orientation.  We suggest you approach each new team member like an investment in your future.  The more time you spend training them, the more likely they are to grow within your firm.  

  • Discuss company culture, policies, and etiquette.

  • Be clear about your expectations. Talk about attendance, promptness and dress code.

  • Give them a point person for questions and concerns. Encourage them to ask when something doesn't make sense.

  • Let them know when their first review will be - we recommend a "mini" review at 30 days, a full review at 90 days, and yearly reviews after that.

  • Share personal stories - new hires are nervous and they always appreciate hearing about how you got your start!

  • Check in with them frequently.  Ask specific questions..."what new skill did you learn today?", "who did you work with today?".

The basic idea to work closely with you new employees until you see them start to spread their wings.  It may take you away from your workload, but it will definitely pay off!

Interview etiquette for candidates who want to land the job!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are planning for your interview:

  • Be on time.  This means you should arrive a little early - but don't go in and announce yourself until a few minutes before your scheduled interview time.  Arriving too early is just as problematic as arriving too late!
  • Dress like you want the job.  This is it...your chance to show them the very best you.  Dress in a way that shows that!
  • Be organized.  Figure out what you need to bring - and be sure to include your resume. Nothing is more off-putting than a candidate who demonstrates they can't keep things organized.  Use tote bags or a cool box for presentations, use a brief case, use a rolling cart!  Whatever you do don't show up juggling a huge messy pile of materials.
  • Be calm and cool.  This should be fun!  Keep in mind that they WANT to hire you!
  • Say thank you.  End your interview with a sincere "thank you" and tell your interviewer how much you appreciate their time.
  • SEND A THANK YOU NOTE!  Do you notice this is in ALL CAPS?  This could make the difference between you landing the job or someone else.  An email is fine, but send it right away.  We promise this is a worthwhile way to leave a positive lasting impression.